Denmark. A Christmas gift from Hans

Hans Christian Andersen (

In December 2008 we visited Denmark on holiday with my brother and his wife who were living in Belgium at the time. It was a wonderful and much needed holiday and was made all the better  because we were in  Copenhagen before Christmas –  exploring the city and the Tivoli Gardens with family, celebrating Christmas with a glogg or two and shopping for very un-Australian Christmas gifts!

Tivoli Gardens at Christmas (

Tivoli Gardens at Christmas (

When we got back to Sydney my husband revealed to me that on the way home from the gardens one night (after a few gloggs!) he had asked a statue of Hans Christian Andersen for a little baby (something we had been waiting very patiently for!) Unbeknownst to him, I had bought a beautiful copy of Anderson’s fairy tales for him for Christmas so he could read them to the baby when/if it came along.

Our little girl was born the next year, as sweet as any fairy tale character of Anderson’s imagination. Needless to say, we love Denmark, Copenhagen and Hans Christian Andersen!

1 week old

Our girl – 3 days old.

(He’s since brought us a gorgeous little boy too!)