Beyond the Map. Walk In Her Shoes Challenge 2014

Walk In Her Shoes Challenge

Walk In Her Shoes Challenge

This year I’m taking part in the Care, Walk In Her Shoes Challenge raising money by walking 100km in a week!  The back of my little boy’s head sitting up in the pram has been my walking view for 3 hours each day! We have explored many parks, streets, riversides and bridges with my faithful pedometer ticking along. We are 70km in and on track to meet our 100km by Sunday!

Here are a few snaps from my walks and some info on Care the reasons behind the challenge.

Walk In Her Shoes Challenge -Sydney Harbour

Walk In Her Shoes Challenge views…

Walk In Her Shoes Challenge – Sydney Olympic Park

Walk In Her Shoes Challenge – The Bay Run at Haberfield

CARE is an international humanitarian aid organisation fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls. CARE Australia is a non-religious and non-political charity, working together with communities to provide emergency relief and address the underlying causes of poverty. From decades of experience, we believe supporting women and girls is the most effective way to create sustainable outcomes in poor communities.” (From

Meet some of the women and girls who face the daily burden of walking to collect water, food and firewood.

For more information on why we need to walk, raise money and assist these girls and women visit




East Timor. Uma Lulik.

Although language, culture and traditions across each community in East Timor varies, there are several elements of life  that connects them all;  the common understanding of the language Tetun, the worship of ancestors and the importance of Uma Lulik or the Sacred House. These houses are symbolic of self-determination, self-assurance and confidence.  They also represent the strength, loyalty and beliefs of a nation enriched by its ancestry. They vary in size, shape and design but are equally impressive. Enjoy…


Have you been to East Timor? Did you see these Sacred Houses? I’d love to hear about your adventure!