I’m Leonie from Sydney, Australia and I love to travel, learn new things and meet people from all over the world. I’m also a Human Rights Masters student.

Here’s what this blog is all about!

The Caravanserai 230 Project

Just like an ancient Caravanserai, connecting and uniting Silk Road travellers, my project aims to bring together people, places, culture, religion and customs from around the world. Using The Travel Book from Lonely Planet as my guide, I plan to work through each of the 230 destinations featured in the book and focus on one area of interest or experience at a time.

I plan on keeping the entries short but include lots of images – you know what they say about pictures…*

My dream is for Caravanserai 230 to circumnavigate the world many, many times over gathering information, experiences, people and places along the way. If you would like to make a contribution and introduce your special corner of the earth to us, please leave me a message! I need a paragraph of info and lots of pictures!

Caravanserai in Iran (http://www.mirutadelaseda.com)

There may not be camels and horses tied up in the courtyard of my virtual caravanserai….”but surely, as new friendships are forged, knowledge is exchanged and secrets are shared, the soul of the journey is the same as it ever was?”
Greg and Lucy Malouf stunning book Saraban A chef’s journey through Persia

Interspersed throughout the blog, I will also be writing about people, cultures and traditions that are Beyond the Map while reflecting on my own suburb and surrounds with Word from the West. Look out for these two additional categories!

I really hope you enjoy the blog and I encourage you to join in!

* The images used throughout are a combination of internet images, other people’s travel adventures and my own travel memories.  I have linked each one to its original source. If you click on a photo, it will take you to the original! Enjoy.

Caravanserai (http://www.wildlife.ir)


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