Word from the West.

Spring flowers in Parramatta Park

Welcome to Caravanserai 230 – Word from the West!
I live in the Western suburbs of Sydney; a wide, sprawling region west of the Sydney CBD. Where it starts and ends is up for debate and there are pockets of the west in the south and north…

The area draws its residents from all over the world and within a few kms you can move from large Lebanese communities, through Vietnamese quarters and into authentic Indian areas full of colour and Tandoor ovens. In my own suburb, my children play with Sudanese refugee kids and Iranian migrant families, go to Sri Lankan birthday parties and respect Ramadan and Eid traditions.

Westen Sydney school students (http://images.smh.com.au)

I’m currently studying a Human Rights Masters and I was struck by something in one of our lectures this semester. We talked about appreciative inquiry, the principles of which are, 1. Discover what is best, 2. Envisage what might be, 3. Dialogue on what should be and 4. Innovate what will be.

Western Sydney is often viewed as a difficult area, a hot bed of political debate, a region troubled by cultural clashes and influenced by a wide range of socio-econmic situations.  I’m going to use the principles of appreciative inquiry to bring you the Western Sydney I know and love by posting an image and a few words as often as I can to discover what is best about the West in an attempt to create harmony by focusing on the good.

Western Sydney (http://www.fusion.org.au)

I hope you enjoy Word from the West and please feel free to get in touch if you have some part of Western Sydney that you want to share. You will find the posts on the home page, under the category Word from the West.

Western Sydney Wanderers. (http://www.sportsbet.com.au/)

( The photos will be mostly mine but if I use someone else’s I will link the image to it’s original source as I have done with the rest of the blog.

Gates at Parramatta Park (http://collection.hht.net.au)


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